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Mold and Mildew Prevention

Mold and its early form mildew are types of fungus that can form anywhere that moisture is present. Generally, molds aren’t bad, but they contribute to the natural breakdown of things in nature, they are used in antibiotics, and some of them, like mushrooms, are even tasty. However, mold and mildew in your home cause bad odors, poor air quality and damage to the surfaces they grow on. Mold can be harmful to your family’s health by irritating conditions like allergies and asthma and may contribute to respiratory infections. The key to mold prevention is to reduce sources of moisture in your home.


Preventing mold is much easier than removing it. Some simple steps can be taken to help mold proof your home. Gutters and air conditioning drip pans should be kept clean, unobstructed and in good repair to prevent water intrusion in the home. Sloping the ground away from the foundation of the house will prevent water from collecting and possibly entering though un-repaired foundation cracks or un-waterproofed surfaces. Always repair foundation cracks and leaks in your roof, windows or doors as soon as possible. The longer an area stays wet, the more likely mold or mildew will begin to form so you should always clean up spills or leaks as soon as possible. Drying out an area within 48 hours typically prevents mold from beginning to grow.


Humidity and condensation both create moisture in your home and can contribute to mold growth but both are simple to control. If possible, air conditioning units should be set to maintain the indoor humidity below 60 percent. If your AC unit doesn’t have a humidity setting a dehumidifier can be used to obtain the same result. Insulating cold surfaces like cold water pipes will prevent condensation from forming on them and nearby surfaces. Whenever using appliances like dryers and heaters that can produce moisture exhaust fans or vents should be used to vent the humidity outside of the home. Decorative fans like ceiling fans contribute to the beauty of your home and prevent moisture buildup by increasing air movement.


If an area has remained wet for more than 48 hours mold may have started to form even if no spots are visible. You can prevent mold growth from becoming a problem by cleaning the area with soap and water, a bleach solution of one cup bleach to one gallon of water, or by purchasing a commercial cleaner designed to remove mold. .