Foundation Crack Repair & Waterproofing System

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Low Pressure Injection for Concrete Cracks

There is significant increase in the usage of poured foundations in homes in Canada and US. However, just as in concrete blocks, poured foundations are also prone to cracking.

Previously, the problem of leaking cracks in home foundations was addressed by waterproofing with drain tile system installation. Today, engineers appreciate the immense benefits offered by the low pressure injection system.

High pressure epoxy injections have been used in poured structures such as highways, bridges and dams for half a decade now. The same method is now adapted for use in basements through polyurethane foam and epoxy injections of low pressure. Injection is administered with the help of a dispensing tool manually.

Eliminate the cumbersome process of drain tile installation: As compared to installation of drain tile, the low pressure injection method is highly cost effective and addresses the issue in the best possible manner. This is because the process of preparing for drain tile installation is quite elaborate and troublesome for the home owners. The process of installation too is extensive and cumbersome, not to mention expensive. Installing drain tiles to divert leaking water is thus not the most practical solution.

Our high quality crack injections offer the most cost effective and excellent solution for your foundation crack problems. After the crack is injected with our polyurethane or epoxies, you will find no leakage of water into the basement and can enjoy an enhanced indoor air quality.

Open drain tile system is hazardous to health: Another significant disadvantage in installing the home tile system is that it allows soil gases such as radon gas to enter into the basement through the gap around the cove leading to increased moisture and growth of molds.

Continued exposure to hazardous gases, mildew and mold severely impacts the health of occupants and may lead to many ailments such as asthma and allergies. By using low pressure injection and sealing the crack with our high quality polyurethane foam or epoxies ensure that there is no moisture, water or any gas seepage into the building.

Injections are the best for structural foundation cracks: As any good engineer will tell you, drain tiles do not effectively address cracks in structural foundations. The best solution for structural foundation cracks is to inject the crack with a specially formulated epoxy or polyurethane foam combined with carbon staples. The foundation is relieved of any added stress by using the staples and this provides a permanent solution.

Crack injections are therefore the ideal solution for eliminating seepage by sealing cracks in a poured foundation. If on the other hand you have a problem with concrete block foundation, then the only solution is to install a drain tile system by excavating the exterior of the building.

Closed drainage systems are always the best only second to crack injections: Keeping in mind the indoor air quality and drainage systems, closed systems are always the best options. Closed drainage system prevents water leakage even as it diverts leaking water protecting the basement floor from dampness. Closed systems also prevent entry of soil gases such as radon gas into the basement through the cove.

Crack injections offer the most efficient outcome in a cost effective manner. Use our high quality crack injections to solve your foundation crack problem permanently.